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Bullet Upgrades are a collection of bullet-themed passive items that provide bonuses to the bullets that the player's guns fire.

Below is a table of all of the bullet upgrades that the player can find.

Icon Item Quote Quality Effect
-1 Bullets.png +1 Bullets +1 to Bullet C Quality Item.png Increases damage by 25%.
Alpha Bullets.png Alpha Bullets First! A Quality Item.png The first shot of a weapon's magazine deals 80% more damage.
Angry Bullets.png Angry Bullets Hungry For More C Quality Item.png Bullets that hit enemies will bounce off of them into a random direction and deal half damage.
Battery Bullets.png Battery Bullets Zap! D Quality Item.png Bullets electrify water when passed over and the player gains immunity to electrified water. Increases accuracy.
Blank Bullets.png Blank Bullets The Best Defense... 1S Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance of triggering a short-range blank upon hitting obstacles or enemies. Increases curse by 1.5.
Bloody 9mm.png Bloody 9mm Be Realistic B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to be replaced by a fast homing bullet that bounces off of walls and pierces enemies.
Bouncy Bullets.png Bouncy Bullets Boiyoiyoing! C Quality Item.png Bullets bounce off of walls and objects twice.
Bumbullets.png Bumbullets Bumblecore C Quality Item.png Bullets fired have a chance to fire a bee which homes in on and damages enemies.
Chance Bullets.png Chance Bullets Good RNG B Quality Item.png Bullets fired have a chance to fire projectiles from the player's other guns.
Chaos Bullets.png Chaos Bullets Taste the Painbow A Quality Item.png Bullets gain random effects.
Charming Rounds.png Charming Rounds Made With Love B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to charm enemies.
Cursed Bullets.png Cursed Bullets Too Spooky C Quality Item.png Increases damage by 10% per point of curse gained. Increases curse by 1.
Devolver Rounds.png Devolver Rounds Two Steps Back B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into Arrowkin. Beam-type guns have a chance per second to deal double damage.
Easy Reload Bullets.png Easy Reload Bullets Rolling Reload C Quality Item.png Dodge rolling reloads a single bullet.
Explosive Rounds.png Explosive Rounds Mega Blast A Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to explode upon impact.
Fat Bullets.png Fat Bullets Fatter = Stronger A Quality Item.png Doubles bullet size and knockback, increases damage by 30%. Decreases maximum ammo of guns by 10%.
Flak Bullets.png Flak Bullets Catch Some! C Quality Item.png Bullets split into several smaller, lower-damage bullets that travel outwards within a limited range. Doubles damage for Beam-type Guns.
Frost Bullets.png Frost Bullets Icy Fire A Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to freeze enemies.
Ghost Bullets.png Ghost Bullets Shoot Through C Quality Item.png Bullets pierce through enemies.
Gilded Bullets.png Gilded Bullets The Gun Percent B Quality Item.png Increases damage based on the amount of Money.png the player has.
Heavy Bullets.png Heavy Bullets Thunk! C Quality Item.png Increases damage and bullet size by 25%, doubles knockback. Decreases bullet speed by 50%.
Helix Bullets.png Helix Bullets Praise Be B Quality Item.png Doubles the player's bullets and causes them to travel in a helix pattern. Each bullet deals 66% of its original damage.
Homing Bullets.png Homing Bullets Fire And Forget B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to home in on enemies.
Hot Lead.png Hot Lead Chance To Ignite B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to ignite enemies.
Hungry Bullets.png Hungry Bullets Hungry Hungry A Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to 'eat' enemy projectiles. Any bullets that 'eat' projectiles get increased damage and size.
Irradiated Lead.png Irradiated Lead Poison Shot B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to poison enemies.
Katana Bullets.png Katana Bullets Folded Lead C Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to unleash a flurry of damaging slashes along the path of the original bullet upon killing an enemy. Increases curse by 1.
Magic Bullets.png Magic Bullets Sufficiently Advanced B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens.
Omega Bullets.png Omega Bullets Last! A Quality Item.png The final shot of a weapon's magazine deals double damage.
Orbital Bullets.png Orbital Bullets Deadly Revolution A Quality Item.png Missed bullets that hit a wall spawn an identical bullet that orbits the player, similar to Mr. Accretion Jr.
Platinum Bullets.png Platinum Bullets Over One Million Served 1S Quality Item.png Increases damage and fire rate with every bullet that hits an enemy.
Remote Bullets.png Remote Bullets The Unseen Hand C Quality Item.png Fired bullets curve depending to the player's crosshair movement when playing on a keyboard & mouse, or the right stick when playing on a controller. Increases damage by 10%.
Rocket-Powered Bullets.png Rocket-Powered Bullets Faster Bullets B Quality Item.png Increases bullet speed by 50%, and increases damage and fire rate by 10%.
Scattershot.png Scattershot Quantity Over Quality B Quality Item.png Guns fire triple the projectiles, with each projectile dealing 55% of its original damage. Decreases accuracy.
Shadow Bullets.png Shadow Bullets Double Tap B Quality Item.png Gives a chance for guns to fire an additional projectile. Beam-type guns have a chance per second to deal double damage.
Shock Rounds.png Shock Rounds Electrified! A Quality Item.png Bullets create chains of damaging electricity when fired.
Silver Bullets.png Silver Bullets Blessed Metal C Quality Item.png Increases damage to jammed enemies by 225% for a total damage output of 325%, and increases damage to bosses by 25%.
Snowballets.png Snowballets Powder Power A Quality Item.png Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel.
Stout Bullets.png Stout Bullets Up Close And Personal B Quality Item.png Bullets are 50% larger and deal significantly increased damage at close range, and deal slightly less damage at further range. Decreases bullet speed by 30%.
Vorpal Bullets.png Vorpal Bullets Through and Through A Quality Item.png Upon firing a gun, occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet in similar fashion to the critical shot fired by the Vorpal Gun. Beam-type guns have a chance per second to deal double damage.
Zombie Bullets.png Zombie Bullets Unfinished Business C Quality Item.png Missed bullets have a chance to refund ammo.


  • Most Bullet Upgrade sprites are designed after either pistol cartridges or shotgun shells. The exceptions to this being Silver Bullets and Chaos Bullets, which are instead designed after rifle cartridges.
  • Some Bullet Upgrade items correspond very closely to existing guns, including:
  • Having too many bullet upgrades can crash the game.
    • Chaos Bullets may cause the game to crash more often than usual
    • Having Orbital Bullets and the Yari Launcher with the Synergy.png Shadow Warrior - synergy active, causing the demon head to fire will cause severe amounts of lag.